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East London All-Night film festival (Elanfest) at Genesis Cinema

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Time 18:30
Date 28/09/18
Price £7.5

As a finale to Scalarama 2018 in London, Genesis Whitechapel and Elanfest are proud to present a 3-day film marathon of non-stop exploding cinema. That's 18 fantastic films to enjoy, folks!

Running from: Fri 28 - Sun 30 Sep.

18 films, 3 days, 3 curators and 2 venues… all for £50 if you get a weekend pass. That’s £2.77 a movie! You know it makes sense.

Films include Russ Meyer’s 1965 bathykolpian breakneck Beatnik babefest, ‘Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!’; Harry Kümel ‘s 1971 lesbian Gothic Euro-erotica ‘Daughters Of Darkness’; Brian De Palma’s rock horror musical comedy ‘Phantom Of The Paradise’; from the people who brought you ‘Airplane!’ Val Kilmer as an Elvis-clone turned super spy in ‘Top Secret!’; yuppie Griffin Dunne trapped in the bohemian nightmare of Rosanna Arquette’s West Village punk scene, in Scorsese’s 1985 ‘After Hours’; an Eighties paean to the faded glamour of Sixties TV dance-shows, ‘The In-Crowd‘; Terry Zwighoff’s ‘Crumb’, an uncomfortable portrait of the legendary underground comic book artist; and to round off an Autumnal Sunday evening, Max Ophüls’s sumptuous 1950 film ‘La Ronde’, in which Anton Walbrook and Simone Signoret lead a spectacular cast in a dance to the music of love and time, in ten Acts spanning every level of fin de siècle Viennese society. Because Elanfest brings you not only the finest in killer go-go dancers, but in everything.

There will also be £10 / £7.50 ‘all-night’ tickets for the films at our ‘secret’ second venue which they’ll offer nearer to Elanfest, and subject to availability.

* Saturday’s offering of 9 films for £24! 4 films selected by Edgar Wright then 2 at our secret all-night venue, and then 3 more picked by Julia Marchese to follow. That’s £2.60 a movie!