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Cam Christiansen: Wall + Dir Q&A at Curzon Bloomsbury

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Time 18:30
Date 01/03/19
Price £12.5

A compelling animated documentary from director Cam Christiansen and playwright and screenwriter David Hare, Wall considers the ramifications of the wall dividing Israel and Palestine.

The wall separating Israel and Palestine came into existence following a fatal attack on a night club in Tel Aviv. Referred to a ‘separation fence’ by Israelis, and a ‘racial segregation wall’ by Palestinians, it has encroached on Palestinian land and rendered former bustling market towns redundant.

In 2009 Sir David Hare performed a monologue in London which has now been adapted into this animated story. As we accompany Hare on a road trip through Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ramallah and Nablus, we encounter a variety of perspectives through his friends and peers.

Hare reflects on both sides of the argument and the grey area that is now the space of mass displacement and a brutal landscape.