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Brainstorm on 70mm at The Prince Charles Cinema

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Time 20:45
Date 03/04/17
Price £20
  • Produced by Cigarette Burns Cinema
  • Price £20, Members: £17
  • Get ready to reunite with a classic, or see something you shouldn't have missed!
  • Bring along your love for 70mm film classics
  • See you at Prince Charles Cinema

See it like you've never seen it before, marvel at Trumbull's full cinematic explosions.

When a new technology pops up, we want to play with it, push it, see where we can take it, it can take us.

BRAINSTORM takes us back to a time before the social networks and virtual reality of today, but the same wonder, fascination and danger exists as scientists Lillian Reynolds (Louise Fletcher) and Michael Brace (Christopher Walken) create a way of recording a person senses and memory, and upon playback you can hear, taste, smell, see, feel that person’s experiences as though they were your own. When Renyolds dies, it’s up to Brace and his estranged wife (Natalie Woods), to simultaneously prevent it from being commandeered by the military and work out the full capabilities of their new toy.

BRAINSTORM was the plaything of special effects wizard Douglas Trumbull, who wanted to maximise the screen and push cinema to new places, shot on 35mm and 70mm. Trumbull’s second and final feature, after having worked on some of the finest Science Fiction films of all time, 2001, Silent Running, Blade Runner, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Andromeda Strain. Sadly, his masterpiece was overshadowed by the death of its co-star, rather than the ground breaking over the top special effects he employed.

BRAINSTORM dances across the screen enveloping the viewer and dragging them into its reality.


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