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Anna Biller (The Love Witch) Short Film Collection at Moth Club

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Time 14:00
Date 01/03/20
Price £10

Deeper Into Movies presents a selection of writer-director Anna Biller's rarely seen short films. Expect some truly unique, female-focused and highly visual films.

In Anna Biller’s vibrantly colored fantasias, there’s not a glimmer of a sequin that hasn’t been envisioned by the artist herself. A writer, director, actor, producer, editor, composer, costume and production designer, and set decorator, she’s a one-woman studio, building a cinematic world that centres female pleasure and eschews the conventions of a male-dominated industry. With images that are saturated with exquisite detail, she pays tribute to a vast repertoire of influences, including old Hollywood musicals, Hitchcockian thrillers, the art-house erotica of Radley Metzger, and the romances of Jacques Demy.

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