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In Your Honour (Live Shot) and In Your Honour II at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 24/03/18
Price Free

A double bill from choreographer Claire Ridge, In Your Honour (Live Shot) & In Your Honour II explores the disruptive potentials of the image, through performance, film, dance & DIY strategies.

In Your Honour (Live Shot) and its prequel In Your Honour II, DIY and post internet strategies of looping and collaging of images are used to make felt the multiple temporalities that exist in the ‘now’. Screens within the performance operate as wormholes into other time-places.

This emerges from a research of the way we view images non-sequentially post-internet. In this show, Claire explore looping algorithms, live copying, and create technological loops that archive the performance as it is happening. What might appear through these processes? And, how might looping operate as mining and queering images for their alternative meanings?

In Your Honour is an ongoing project lasting a number of years where it pops up at events and is re-translated. In its current incarnation, images are built up in order for them to be ruptured and reordered. Operatic sirens, a diva, and riot grrrls, loop gestures and interrupt and bleed into one another. A pool of technician-performers mill across the performance/film set, and perform precise technical actions to produce a complex score.