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London International Mime Festival / Peeping Tom: Father (Vader) at the Barbican

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Time 19:45
Date 30/01/19
Price £19

The phenomenal choreography and enigmatic visual imagery of Peeping Tom plunge viewers into the realm between fantasy and reality in this empathetic, swirling and surprising portrait of ageing.

Dates and Times: Wed 30 Jan - Sat 02 Feb, 19:45.

Towering walls surround the visiting room of a care home where an elderly man, also a father, counts his final days. Revealed in shifting scenes that speak of isolation, divinity, ridicule and melancholia, we learn more of his complex identity and lived experiences. As people and objects move around the figure, we are drawn into hallucinatory moments in which memories make way for something far less lucid.

Thrilling dance, song and live music are interwoven into this incisive and compassionate piece. Father forms the first part of the company’s surreal trilogy on families echoing their own reminiscences, mysteries and hopes. Seen at LIMF2018, Mother was described as ‘a brilliant mix of naturalistic observation and weirdness’ (Independent) while an earlier work, 32 rue Vandenbranden, also presented in partnership with the Barbican won the 2015 Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production.

"Breathtaking, cruel, beautiful … unforgettable" - El País

"Realistic and recognisable one minute, totally surreal the next" - Het Parool

"Their talent is terrifying" - Le Monde