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Dinis Machado: Normcore at Chisenhale Dance Space

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Time 19:30
Date 16/11/19
Price £8

Normcore is a playground dance for five performers where the trust in each other allows us to discover our bodies further into places we dream of.

Departing from a critical take on the exhausted idea of undressing as a metaphor for revealing one’s natural essence, we invest instead in constructed nakednesses paying attention to bodies that do not imagine themselves as they are medically described or seen by society.

We investigate and build bodies with assemblages that transform our bodies into what we need, what we wish, or how we feel them, and we dance the dances they dance. Communal dances of a crooked togetherness where the politics of doing are more relevant than their formal equivalence. A multiple togetherness where we build our identities and their very materialities.

A performance by Dinis Machado (SE/PT). Danced by Lo River Löof (SE), Mandi Tiukkanen (FI/SE), Gareth Cutter (UK), Kathleen Hawkins (UK), André Cabral (PT)