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Dance Umbrella / Gisèle Vienne: Crowd at Sadler's Wells

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Time 20:30
Date 08/10/19
Price £20

On this hallucinatory rollercoaster you’ll be swept along by the intense emotions and collective euphoria of a committed party crowd, their innermost selves laid bare through intoxicating movement.

Dates and Times: Tuesday 8 - Wednesday 9 October, 19:30.

To the pulsating ebbs and flows of a techno-trance soundtrack, 15 mud-splattered individuals dance with articulate and stylised precision. Ritualistic scenes are slowed down to reveal moments of love, violence, intimacy and aversion amid exhilarating shifts in rhythm and pace.

Drawing on her own experiences in Berlin Gisèle Vienne expertly harnesses the undulating, stuttering, liquid physicality of the club scene to magnify the interactions of a group of revellers. This trippy slice of life opens Dance Umbrella 2019 and represents a debut at Sadler’s Wells for the French choreographer, director and visual artist.