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Dance Umbrella 2011: Basso Ostinato by Caterina Sagna at The Place; Robin Howard Dance Theatre

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Time 19:00
Date 14/10/11
Price £15

A choreographed poem, at once wise, witty, grotesque and farcical.

Three men sit around a table becoming increasingly inebriated as they reminisce about their ballet-dancing past, complete with luridly scatological tales from the rehearsal room. Created by Caterina Sagna, Basso Ostinato is a choreographed poem, at once wise, witty, grotesque and farcical. Despite their drunken downward spiral, the brilliant performers are a joy to watch, articulating both movement and speech with fluidity and absolute precision. This ode to human foibles is refreshingly honest and hilarious at the same time, striking a collective chord in audiences worldwide.

Sagna has been creating waves on the European circuit in recent years and now makes her Dance Umbrella debut.

Note: contains strong language

Meet the Artist: Fri 14 October, after the performance. Free to same-day ticket holders.


Photo: Caroline Ablain
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