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Mes dames et messieurs

Leave your troubles outside... we all know the classic song from the film Cabaret, yah?! Bringing us right up to speed with Londons throbbing, contemporary cabaret scene is the man from Oz - and our Guest Editor this week - the chap they call The evil love child of Liza Minnelli and Jim Carrey. Yes! No other than Reuben Kaye!

Run-Riot writer Edward Gosling caught up with Reuben, the all singing, all dancing, rhinestone-coated, fabulously caustic wunderkind to find out more about Club Swizzle at the Roundhouse - bought to the stage by the dangerous people from La Soiree. As a delicious treat we're running a special offer for a few of the more risque, Late Saturday night shows (11 and 18 August). Details at the end of the interview.

For those of you in Edinburgh seeking your Goddess, allow us to introduce Jacquline Haigh whose comedy based on her work at a Tantric Massage Parlour is proving rather popular. She's written a candid article for your eyes only. Also in our Magazine section is Glasgow based theatre producer Callum Smith talking about his company Showroom, and their current project Tetra-Decathlon - also at Edinburgh.

Lastly, in our series about the London Tattoo Convention, Jasmine Rollason writes about the forthcoming exhibition on tattoo's in traditional woodblock prints, taking place at the Japanese Gallery Kensington.

For more culture gems and competitions (Duckie at the RVT feat. Dave The Bear and Baby Lame; Film4 Summer Screen's Carol at Somerset House; former Shunt co-founder Gemma Brockis at Camden People's Theatre; and 1920's speakeasy, The Candlelight Club) - browse our Offers page. As for the best of the rest - rummage through our genre-bending pages where you'll find plenty of haut happenings.

Here's to wishing you a sizzling week dear Players! Bottoms up! RR xx