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Your Love at Corsica Studios

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Time 23:00
Date 15/11/19
Price £5

A night celebrating music and its rich tapestry. Bring your dancing feet and heart and come spread the love! Featuring Tama Sumo, Lakuti, Shy One, Ain Bailey, Sippin’ T and Aqwea.

Ain Bailey
Ain Bailey is a sound artist and DJ. Her practice involves an exploration of sonic autobiographies, architectural acoustics, and collaborations with performance and visual artists. Tonight, expect music spanning Latin/jazz and African sounds through disco/soulful and minimal tech house and everything in between.

South African transplant who cut her teeth in London for 15 yrs before moving to Berlin seven years ago. The last three years have seen Lakuti’s deejaying coming of age with increased travel in most corners of the world now and with 2019 set to be her best year yet.

Tama Sumo
Tama Sumo needs no introduction to most clubbers having earned her stripes as an international DJ over the years.

Shy One
Mali Larrington-Nelson aka Shy One lives and breathes the eclecticism and diversity of her DJ sets and productions. Having started off deejaying on pirate radio at 13 years old, Shy One has been exposed to and influenced by the full spectrum of sounds her hometown of London has birthed and nurtured over the years. Expect a somewhat undefinable sound thats origins are undoubtedly London but take in a huge variety of musical cultures, from hip-hop and jazz to house music and West London’s own brokenbeat movement.

Sippin’ T
As co-founder of the infamous club night and curatorial collective BBZ, Sippin’ T champions the queer POC community in all aspects of their work. Hailing from South East London, their sound encapsulates all facets of black house music, from its origins to its new evolutions.

DJ, producer and all-round selector of vibes, AQWEA began sharing her love of music with a range of genres, tempos and rhythms in 2014. Exploring her appreciation for the aesthetics found in 90's club music, Vogue soundtracks and newer forms of instrumental genres.