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The New Years Eve Party at the End of the Universe at The Vaults

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Time 20:00
Date 31/12/17
Price £20
  • Price £5 - £20
  • Get ready to party at the end of the universe.
  • Bring along all your friends.
  • See you at The Vaults

The Universe could end at any time, so why not party like it's your last.

New Years Eve... How to spend New Years Eve? Maybe this is the year to leave planet earth and celebrate the incoming 2018 in the great expanse of space.

Join us at The Vaults for a journey through space, ending up at The Party at The End of The Universe.

Expect mind-blowing installations, warp drives, underwater martian caves, martian canyons of glitter and foil, a chat with the man in the moon, a beverage on the forbidden planet and a party at the end of the universe where you'll be assured of the universes greatest tracks to make the best last party you ever had.

For more information and tickets, head to The Vaults.