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Jaded with Kaelan at Corsica Studios

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Time 05:00
Date 25/06/17
Price £11.3

Kaelan makes his Jaded debut fresh for 2017 with 2 stunning releases on EarToGround and Overdraw giving heat.

It's a summer of discovery, subversion and out of control dancing for Jaded at Corsica Studios with the most exciting series of debuts in our history...

Catch Stranger, I Hate Models & Remco Beekwilder, YYYY & Reflec, Janice, Casper Hastings, Drafted & FLmm, Kaelan, Hans Bouffmyhre, jeånne, Rendered (Daniel Myer & Clément Perez), Prodigal Son and our own Raymundo Rodriguez, Chris Stanford, Stephanie Sykes, Emily Ono, Tim Gee, Julian Williams, James Dodd & Charles Green.