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Freak: Love Revolution at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club

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Time 21:00
Date 17/03/17
Price £5

Eccentricity! Passion! Diversity and a fusion of musical styles! FREAK is a mentality, an open dance space offering a break from the rigidity of London life.

Spawned from the creative minds of UCL's hottest young talents... Freak is about to start a nightlife revolution! Bringing the creativity + passion back into partying and build a community from there.

Expect a fusion of musical, disco ‘n’ funk and a DIY aesthetic that reflects the diversity of our city. The monthly freak out is a celebration of all that is eccentric, creative and free spirited! This month: It’s a Love Revolution! 

Expect Brass licks, sax riffs, rap spits and hat hits from Dat Brass - playing Live!

Plus all the freaky frivolity you’ve come to expect.

For hundreds of years, monsters stomped the earth spreading terror in their wake. but, try as they might, the people of earth could not overcome the evil forces, as they sucked the happiness from the world, turning hearts to stone. BUT THEN in the depths of Bethnal Green, a cure to this evil magic was found...Love!

The people drank the liquid love in the deep depths of the dancefloor,

& faster than the monsters could move, it spread across the world, making <3s beat stronger + skin sweat once again!