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Bourne & Hollingsworth: The Dark Circus Party - Halloween Special at The Troxy

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Time 21:00
Date 27/10/18
Price £38.32
  • Produced by Bourne & Hollingsworth
  • Price £38.32 - £43.71
  • Get ready for a night of abandoned dancing, pleasure seeking and spectacular entertainment.
  • Bring along a different persona.
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  • See you at The Troxy

Roll up, roll up! Step into the abandoned circus and prepare yourself for a spine-chilling sensory feast, as guests are engulfed in a world of heady illusion and unbridled visual delights.

Prepare to be thrilled, enthralled and enraptured as the Dark Circus Party returns for a special Halloween fright. Step inside the abandoned circus and become immersed in the shadows of the bazaar as you follow the freaks and geeks in their ghoulish performances. Stare starry-eyed at the enchanting aerialists as they spin from the ceiling, performing marvellous feats of death-defying daring.

On entering the haunted big top, guests will be submerged in a dark and thrilling world where they become part of the entertainment, literally letting them run away with the circus for a night. The party’s entertainment follows a traditional circus bill, but with a twisted and ghostly spin; caged curiosities breathing fire and swallowing swords, ethereal silks performances, treacherous trapeze acts and bizarre sideshow oddities.

As with all Bourne & Hollingsworth events, the cocktails take centre stage with delectable creations such as the Ringmaster’s Poison (rum shaken with pineapple and pomegranate, finished with a hint of Maraschino liqueur) and the Circus Royale (vodka shaken with elderflower and lemon, topped with fizz). The dress code is for the evening strict as all guests must become part of the Dark Circus troupe: think Sideshow Freaks, Queens of the Flying Trapeze, Tragic Clowns, Snake Charmers, Lion Tamers, Ring Masters and Strong Men.

Anyone wearing jeans, trainers or t-shirts will be refused entry and fed to the lions. The Dark Circus makeup wagon is available to those needing an extra macabre makeover.

So embrace your inner voyeur and enter the carnival of curiosities for a night of abandoned dancing, breath taking performances and a magical Halloween spectacle.