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And What? Queer Arts Festival: And What's Very Big Opening Night featuring The Cocoa Butter Club + Bollox (London Debut) + Louche at Colours Hoxton

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Time 22:00
Date 13/03/20
Price £10

It's a very big opening indeed. For the launch of their fourth festival, And What? are pulling out all the stops. Expect a night of clubbing, groundbreaking performance, dancing, protests and sweat.

Not only are And What? uniting two of their fave collectives - The Cocoa Butter Club and Bollox – it’s also presented with Drag Mag Louche and Colours Hoxton.

The Cocoa Butter Club will be bringing you a fierce line-up celebrating the best in cabaret from QTIPOC. They're movers, they're shakers, they're groundbreakers - expect performances of the highest degree. The Cocoa Butter Club are here to ‘Decolonise and Moisturise’. Are you ready?

After 13 years of whipping Manchester’s queer nightlife into shape, Northern clubbing powerhouse Bollox jumps on the Megabus to bring their queer counter-culture party toLondon. DJ Beardre Barlow and her cast of misfits will be treating us to a riotous night of dirtypop, sleazy rock ‘n’ roll, throbbing electroclash and poppers-fueled punk. Bollox are also bringing their infamous Westboro Baptist Church dance floor installation that was the talking point of 2019’s Homobloc festival.

Louche, is a joyfully anarchic and independent occasional print magazine about drag and queer performance. It celebrates, interrogates, and creates a living archive of drag today and drag past. Louche will be curating our host and go-go entertainment to keep the party on its knees.

This is a safe space for Queers and their allies, anyone acting inappropriately to performers or patrons will be asked to leave. No homophobia, no transphobia, no gender-shaming.

"This party is free for those who may not have disposable income. However we are operating an HONESTY BOX booking system, so if you can support the And What? Queer. Arts. Festival you can choose to pay £5, £10 or £15 - depending on what you can spare. All proceeds go to feeding artists, taxi's home and more festival madness. Please pay what you can afford!"

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