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Watch the trailer for PROSPECTS, a coming-of-age documentary about boxing.

Set over 4 years, PROSPECTS is the story of two friends’ struggle to reach the top of the Amateur boxing world. George Kean is a rising star. He’s got the skills, the right look and a lorry load of fans. For Marlon Mellish, boxing has not only been his salvation, he’s also discovered a gift. Committed to a future in boxing, if they can’t be the best they risk becoming journeymen – boxers paid to take a beating in the ring. With unprecedented access to the Amateur Boxing Association of England, Sebastian Duthy's documentary is a first hand account that reveals the vulnerability beneath the violence as the boys risk serious physical injury to bring glory to themselves, their club and their family names.

PROSPECTS is screening at the Genesis on Thursday 4th July as part of the East End Film Festival.