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Could Jarvis Cocker be a Christmas No.1?

It's been quite an end to the year, with a general election that surprised most with the Tories achieving a mighty majority. So unless you are a wholehearted and zealous Tory supporter, then this song may seem rather relevant.

A campaign has been launched to get Jarvis Cocker's “C*nts Are Still Running The World” to number one this Christmas. And before anyone gets upset about the word "c*nt", a good friend of mine once told me: "Everyone loves a c*nt. Women have them, men love them and gay men can appreciate them". So there we go! (Not wanting to be un-PC. I hope I haven't offended any other groups with that statement.)

Buy the tune at your local iTunes webpage, Rough Trade Records, Google tunes or something, or just play it 100 times on Spotify.