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CARPET STAINS music video for Auf Togo by Bronwen Parker-Rhodes

After graduating from Slade School of Fine Art with a 1st, Bronwen has produced and directed films for Channel 4, BBC, Vice, Vivienne Westwood, Christies, Nowness, Hunger TV, and exhibited her films and photography worldwide.

“Part documentary film-maker, part artist and stalker of lion tamers, moose hunters, orcs and Vivienne Westwood, Bronwen Parker-Rhodes is a filmmaker whose work plunges us into grainy intimacy with stories that are obsessive, eccentric and out of the ordinary. Despite the exotic subject matter she avoids slipping into easy sensationalising and reserves a rugged honesty for her subjects. Her video portraits are disarmingly candid and artfully constructed poems to corporeality.”  UNDER/CURRENT MAGAZINE

Check out Bronwen Parker-Rhodes other works at: http://www.bronfilms.com/