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Alec Baldwin's Here's the Thing, ft Lena Dunham



Who'd have thought such pure-bred Hollywood blood would find his greatest success on a humble telly show?Apart from his role in 30 Rock, Alec has also found time to do this great series of podcasts, interviewing the likes of Lena Dunham (a successful writer EVEN THOUGH SHE'S A GIRL!). Keep sucking in those cheeks, Alec.


Alec talks with Lena Dunham, whose hit show on HBO, "Girls," just started its second season. Three years ago, Dunham made a low-budget art house film called "Tiny Furniture." Last week "Girls" took home two Golden Globes. Dunham tells Alec she never imagined she’d encounter the success she has. She says she thought she’d be a “weird Gender and Women’s Studies teacher who occasionally showed movies at film festivals,” and instead she's trying to figure out what to wear to shoot the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Dunham talks with Alec about getting a dog and her first date with Jack Antonoff. She’s not ready for children yet, but they are on her mind: “I was raised to think that the two most important things you could do in your life were to have a passionate, generous relationship to your work and to raise children.”