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#224 - Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas, Jan St Werner, Lena Raine, Bogdan Raczynski, My Disco

The Independent Music Podcast is back for their #224 edition, bringing adventurous music lovers ten new tracks from artists from across the world.

This week expect the usual blend of abstract noises coming from across the globe this week. There's Lebanese belly dance music punctuated with Polish breakcore, experimentation from the magnificent Amnesia Scanner, amongst pleasant indie rock, video game music, and abrasive noise.

Scalping - Satan II (Council Records, UK)
Amnesia Scanner & Bill Kouligas - Lexachast VIII (PAN Records, Germany)
Jan St. Werner - Glottal Wolpertinger (Thrill Jockey, USA)
Lena Raine -Tsukuyomi (Local Action Records, UK)
Orchestra of Constant Distress - Discomfort (Riot Season Records, UK)
Ziad Rahbani - Taksim Organ & Tabla (Fortuna Records, Israel)
Bogdan Raczynski - 318 22t7 (Disciples, UK)
Demolition Honey - Relaxin’ At Mayhem Hotel (Ohub Records, Argentina)
My Disco - An Intimate Conflict (Downwards, UK)
Van Goose - Wildstar (self-release, USA)  

Produced and Edited by Nick McCorriston. Hit him up for any and all audio work at nickamc.com and follow him on Twitter @nickamc

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