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Crowdfunding: Community Music x EartH

EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney), formerly known as Hackney Arts Centre will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to turn their 100 square meter basement into a fully equipped rehearsal studio, with the aim of educating, inspiring and training children and young people in the world of music, arts and other creative disciplines.

Here's what Community Music x EartH have to say:

Education and training is at the core of our project and Community Music, London’s leading charity for music and young people, is a central partner. We will turn a 100 square meters basement space into fully equipped rehearsal studios for CM to deliver their music technology training courses.

The Studios will be equipped with the latest music technology equipment and will comprise of a music production classroom (with individual computers, keyboards, headphones, Logic Pro X and more) and rehearsal spaces, equipped with musical instruments and linked to the classroom's recording kit.

Based within the venue, Community Music and EartH will collaborate to engage with hundreds of children and young people – particularly those who are socially excluded and disengaged from education – giving them inspiring experiences of education and training in music, arts and other creative disciplines, and providing positive learning opportunities to create routes into education and employment.

A central aim of participating in these learning opportunities is to develop people’s most important attributes – self-belief, confidence, creativity, ambition, and belief in a positive future.

“The work we do comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes from early years instrument lessons all the way through to one of the very few foundation degrees in the UK that can be accessed by people with no formal qualifications. This gives us a depth of programming that enables students to start with us as an 8 year old and stay all the way through to higher education.” — Sam Johnson, CM's Former Director of Development

CM will optimise the advantages of being based in a professional venue environment by running an access programme that feeds into the venue’s resources, expertise and industry opportunities.

Young people who wish to make modern music and cannot access resources will get free rehearsal space, music mentoring from professionals, performance opportunities in ‘safe’ environments, sound engineering and music production training, instrumental tuition and recording opportunities.

The access programme targets those who experience social and educational exclusion and leads to professional training through the music industry and higher education partners.

Progression routes include creative apprenticeships in live sound engineering, individually tailored professional development programmes in music production and performance, and training in community music teaching. These progression routes will run in parallel with access entry points for those who have left school with no qualifications or become disengaged from learning and participation.

Learn more about Community Music: http://www.cmsounds.com

Community Music x EartH will soon be launching their Crowdfunding Campaign to raise funds to renovate the basement and purchase the equipment. Subscribe to their Campaign Mailing List to be kept up to date on the campaign's launch date!

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