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The Strange Attractor Journal

The Joy of Ephemera

Never let it be said i am either on the case or on time or down with the hip kids, for i am not, i am one for archane practices, strange brews and herbal elixiors, brews of berrys and fruits, pipes of strangley archane leaves and pettles and almost extinct, long forgotten by the hustle and bustle of prepackaged fast food modern urban society,

I in my time, have sampled the deviners sage, drank wine infused with blue lotus petals and smoked fly agaric. ... l I am a collector of arcane medical information, having bound translations of egyptian surgical documents and the barefoot doctors manual. ...

I drink my calvados over 1 cube of ice in a streight glass

I colect Sosaku Hanga prints of urbanised industrial japan from the mid-war period landscapes that are gone now - destroied once by the second world war, and again by the raging 70s-90s modernisation. - but these prints must be in portrait.

I am an avid fan of ephemeral educational and industrial films their beauty is in their obscurity, their washed out tones & their strange look at 50's and 60's suburban american morals - ...

So it was with delight that i found a journal, a periodical in book form that was seemingly written for me, "the strange attractor" that described itself as - 304 further pages of exquisite high strangeness, this my dear reader does itself a deep injustice,

Within the first forty pages there are esseys on historical extra-uterine gestation, a account of atransgender spirit possion festival in burma, historys first theem park ride based on H.G Wells ''Time Machine' & a Beloved review of the life and times of martin denny. i can continue - but they get stranger and more obscure as you delve deeper. All of the esseys are fantasticaly written.

If the writing wasnt enough the illustrations are copper plate style as you would have found in a first edition copy of a christmas tale.

The undowted passage of the book however comes in an essey/autobiography of the artist stewart home - page 196 - where he describes the creation of the necro card that mimics the Organ donation card - one that the possessor consents to passive necrophilia, after debating the morality of it, and how it works as a 'pick up line' for goth chicks.

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