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Scottee interviews the Hamburger Queen finalists 2014 ahead of their climatic finale tonight!

Over the past few week I have been presenting the final series of Hamburger Queen - my beauty pageant / talent show for fat people.

For four gloriously chubby years I’ve been running this project that has seen a magic trick involving razors go horribly wrong, a human pass the parcel, Cher lookalikes and someone put a shoe where the sun doesn’t shine! It would be fair to say its a pretty brilliant night out.

With the last ever finale this Thursday I caught up with finalists to see what they are planning...


Scottee: Why did you decide to enter Hamburger Queen?
Romi: Because Hamburger Queen is entirely amazing. It’s a riot against beauty conventions and is also really fun. I considered entering since the first time in 2011 but I never did so I forced myself this year because it’s the very last time. Now or never. I’m not promoting obesity, all I want is a little more r.e.s.p.e.c.t.
Scottee: When did you realise or accept you were fat?
Romi: I can’t remember not being fat. Even in kindergarten other children called me fat. I struggled a lot with my weight and body and there was a time in my teens when people made me feel like I’m the ugliest, most unlovable and needless person in the universe but I got over it and became strong and self-confident. Today I embrace it.

Sin Cinnamon
Scottee: How do the public react to your fatness?
Sin Cinnamon: Staring and whispering, often followed by insults. Especially in summer when I’m wearing short clothes or when I’m dressed up – apparently fat people aren’t allowed to look fit. Haven’t met a person yet who said ‘I wish I had your body’.
Scottee: What are you planning for the final?
Sin Cinnamon: I’m going to wow you, make you laugh and cry. For Trend I’m adding some sparkle to my gorgeous origami food packaging outfit. I’ll bring a pocketful of rainbows, not care about what people say and be the most beautiful girl in the world for Talent. For the Taste round I advise you to bring tissues.


Von Vixen
Scottee: Why did you decide to enter Hamburger Queen?
Von Vixen: I love being fat, and I love showing off. Watching the previous years’ contestants, I have always thought: my femme flab is just as fierce as these fabulous porkers. I am a queer fat femme with a drag queen-meets-retro aesthetic. I am the bastard lovechild of Divine and Marilyn Monroe.

Scottee: How would you describe your ego?
Von Vixen: Feisty, Flashy, Fierce, Fat Femme.


Scottee: When did you realise your were fat?
Neon: I guess it was the first gym class of year 9 I accepted finally I was no longer able to have a stomach on show ala Britney Spears

Scottee: What would you spent the prize money on?
Neon: I have plans to buy a new costume for a samba festival as well as purchase a rail card (pushing the boat out i know).

Hamburger Queen - The Final, Thursday 24th April at Bloomsbury Ballroom.
Advance booking advised hamburgerqueen.co.uk