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Scottee at the Brit Awards

Photo by Fred Butler. 'Scottee backstage at the Brits'

No Time for hangovers! Scottee performs at the Brit Awards

In the words of wize Liza "you gotta ring them bells" - the quote has no relevance to my fun packed week but my itunes party shuffle has decided its what i should listen to while i tell you all about my exploits.

Wednesday mornings aren't my best, I usually wake wanting it to be Thursday - Thursday is such a great day, its almost the weekend but its still a school night. As i stuff my face with toast and coffee the phone goes - this is the que that my work day has started. Its Dont Panic - they have set up an interview with Santo Gold and wondered if i can get to Shepards Bush in 40mins. Santo Gold is the states best export since 'Dirty Dancing'and I'm a huge "Time of your life" fan - but a bigger Santo Gold fan - think M.I.A with a hot accent, a stronger politic and a mutual love for Oprah.

I stumble into an Addison Lee, paint my face to hide last nights adventures and maniacally script some questions. Before i know it I've arrive to the K West hotel - its full of Zelebrities - They are all staying here because the Brits is on tonight.

I'm shuffled from PR to PR and arrive in a grim meeting room with magnolia walls. Not the best place for a video interview with Americas leading colour/color queen but never the less we pull it off and we have a great chat about wearing clothes inside out & being on the cover of magazines.

After the worst journey in the world on public transport I arrive at Queensway to meet my wonderful assistant Steve who briefs me on the meeting we're about to have with some scary people from 'the television' - I can't tell you any more on this matter or I'll be hung and my head be put up on a stake.

Then it's another dash on the tube - this time home to get ready for the Brits! How exciting the Brits have ask me, The-O & Chycca to 'perform' at the official after party. After four different gates, two security checks and a tour of Earls Court we are shown to our dressing room.

Our rider, which was a bit of a joke has been provided - 16 packets of walkers "cheddar crisps", 6 bags of maltesers, 6 cartons of OJ, 4 bottles of lemonade, 5 bottles of vodka, 1 bottle of organic vodka, 1 bottle of barcardi and a mirror with lights has all been taken care off.

After sneaking a peek at Amy Winehouse's performance its almost time for us to get ready and get the look on. I opt for an Augustus Glup look, The-O a Julian Clairy on speed and Chycca - well - cellophane. We are then guided to our stage with a heavy security presence and decide that performing to showtunes it the way forward. From this point it becomes a bit blury, but the cab journey home was delightful and the morning after wasn't.

No time for hangovers - it's Thursday - at last! My muscles are so sore - I'm gonna kill The-O for jumping on my back so hard! I spot the sewing machine out of the corner of my eye and think - I should really make something this week! I like to make at least one garment a week - that way I've achieved more than a hangover!

Then its off into another Addison Lee to Goldsmiths. Tonight they are fundraising for the fashion graduate show and have asked me to dj.

I love playing Goldsmiths - everyone is really appreciative that you've come, made the effort to dress up and not got murdered in New Cross.

Little do they know about my faithful Addison Lee! I play the best set of my life and finish with Miss Dynamite. I love her. I pop out for a fag, down the pint and its time to go home, then I realize the weekend hasn't even begun - its got 3 more days of this stuff to go. Great.