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Review: Jonny Woo's 'Strange Hill'

A druggie, a knickerless slapper, a righteous Christian-type clarinet player and a common as muck TV show host wannabe (“oi, who’re you callin’ common?! I’m middle class!)… This is no average school detention - prepare yourself for just over an hour of cross-dressing, zombie stalking, gender changing, table-dancing, short-skirted, cannibalistic mayhem with a quirky soundtrack and dance routines to boot. This is Fame meets Baz Luhrmann with a hint of Queen, a dash of the common people and a slap in the face with all things weird!

So, if you’re ready for an adventure Johnny Woo’s “Strange Hill” at the Bistrotheque won’t let you down. Tucked away in a back street at Bethnal Green, the Bistrotheque is a hidden treasure trove, and “Strange Hill” a feast for the eyes!!

Oh so much more than just a show - this cabaret musical will have you mesmerised from the fantastically burlesque Grange Hill opening through a whirlwind of non-stop shameless fun to the hilariously sensationalised tragic (?!) finale. You’ll leave wondering what on earth just happened, how on earth you made it out the other end, and how it is that a guy’s legs can look that fantastic in a mini-skirt!

If you’re after a stage performance with a twist then you’ve definitely found it here. From the moment you enter the door the entertainment begins – the whole place seems to form a part of the show. Make sure you either book or get here early though, it’s a pretty intimate place! The only disappointment of the night was that it had to finish…