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Q&A: Warsnare's Daniel Potter on an Immersive Night of Music in Deptford

Ahead of Warsnare’s Warchestra 360° show at The Albany in Deptford. Run Riot caught up with Daniel Potter to discuss the show, his collaboration with Call & Response and what to expect on the night.

Run Riot: As part of the live show, your collaboration with Call and Response. What interested you about working with C&R? and how did this collaboration come about?

Daniel Potter: I met Tom from C&R at Goldsmiths a few years back where we were studying electronic music together. I knew he was very talented back then and when I linked up with Jake Strickland (who is creating the visuals for Warchestra360°) he reminded me that Tom is now a 360° sound specialist and I went down to C&R to check it out. Tom showed me some of the incredible installations he’d been working on and I was immediately hooked. The Call & Response studio is also located near my house just off Deptford High Street.

RR: The show at the Albany is going to be in 360 sound, can you tell us about how this will work?

Daniel: We are installing a 29 speaker +4 sub sound system into the Albany for the evening. A huge dome of speakers will splatter the ceiling and walls . Unlike a conventional concert with seating, the audience are instead free to wander around the space and experience the 360 sound in different parts of the hall. The live performers; cello, viola, percussion and myself on synth will also be spread out in the four corners of the hall and together we will give the audience a very unique wash of different sounds as we perform the album mixed through the 360° sound system.

RR: Can you tell us what else people should expect from the show?

Daniel: Something unusual and a fresh way of listening and experiencing sound. Some incredible visual displays that will be suspended between the speakers resembling a shattered screen wrapped around the audience. 

RR: How can you see this project developing?

Daniel: The Album will be released in February on Infinite Machine and I hope to tour the show live around the UK with a mini orchestra next year. I’m also working on a second album which I’d like to perform again with the 360° sound system, I know some very talented audio/visual people working in VR so I think next time we’ll expand on the visual side incorporating some cool projection mapped material.

RR: Your music successfully combines elements of EDM with more experimental sound art flavours, can you tell us more about this approach?

Daniel: I’m into listening to and writing a real diverse range of music. I get bored sticking to one style of music and I think this is evident in the process in which I create my music too. I’ll revise my ideas many times before I’m happy. Each track will go on it’s own little journey through various styles I’m into at the time, making the finished compositions stylistically unique.



24th November

The Albany