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London Tattoo Convention: Meet 4 of the best female abstract tattoo artists in the world

Meet four female tattooists who have been making waves on the inking scene with their Abstract designs, and are coming to this year’s London Tattoo Convention.

Tattoo by Jenna Kerr, Devil In The Detail, Stoke-On-Trent

Jenna Kerr

Studio – Devil in the Detail (Stoke-on-Trent)
Country – UK

Need to know: Jenna is recognised as one of the UK’s top tattoo artists and is probably best known for her ornamental tattoos. She’s been based at the Devil in the Detail Studio, Stoke-on-Trent, since 2009.

Her recent awards include Best Collaboration and Best Ornamental with Ryan ‘The Scientist’ Smith at the 2017 Cezanne Tattoo Convention in Aix-En-Provence and Third Best of Show at last year’s LTC for a collaboration with Ryan and Jay Freestyle which attracted big crowds, clamoring to see the masters at work.

What she says: “I’ve been putting crystals into my work for several years. I will colour each facet individually. The amount of colours that go into one jewel is quite vast. The more colour the better.”

“The fact that someone wants to wear my artwork on their body for the rest their life is extremely humbling for me.”

Tattoo by Jenna Kerr, Devil In The Detail, Stoke-On-Trent

Tattoo by Jenna Kerr, Devil In The Detail, Stoke-On-Trent

Susanne König

Studio – Redwood Tattoo (Manchester)
Country – UK (born in Germany)

Need to know: Suzanne started her apprenticeship nine years ago. Originally born in Germany, she moved to Amsterdam where she met Guen Douglas, before going on to Hamburg and, most recently, Manchester, where she currently works at the Redwood Tattoo in the city’s Northern Quarter. Tattoo Life Magazine wrote that she “feeds her imagination with everything she happens to see around here. Like Alice in Wonderland, she tries to imagine the lives of the animals she loves to tattoo.” 

In her own words: “When I illustrate (animals) I like to imagine myself inside their world: I wonder about whether we would be friends, or what they were doing just before or after the still I chose for my picture, and what kinds of emotions they might be feeling.”

Susanne König, Redwood Tattoo, Manchester

Tattoo by Susanne König, Redwood Tattoo, Manchester

Tattoo by Susanne König, Redwood Tattoo, Manchester

Morg Armeni

Country – Rome (born in Genova)

Need to know: She has been a tattoo artist for 19 years and started by using a machine owned by her painter grandfather. ‘The first tattoo she ever did was on her mother’s buttock. ‘It’s a flower, I could not make a skull on my mother.’

Morg closed her previous studio, Morganic Heart, in Genova, in Italy, because she wanted to free herself from the bureaucracy of running a shop and dedicate herself to art and creation instead. She currently lives in Rome and does residencies in studios across the city.

In her own words: “I was attracted by the shady part of the tattoo. The more underground, punk side, that is almost lost now.”

“I put a lot of love into the creation of the subjects I tattoo. Often my customers and I reach a sort of harmony during the tattoo process and ritual.”

Tattoo artist Morg Armeni, OTR

Painting by tattoo artist Morg Armeni, OTR

Tattoo by Morg Armeni, OTR

Guen Douglas

Studio – Taiko Gallery, Berlin
Country – Canada

Guen grew up in Canada and the UK. She moved to Holland in 2009 and worked at the Salon Serpent in Amsterdam as well as 25 to Life Tattoos in Rotterdam. She briefly returned to the UK to for a nine-month stint alongside Phil Kyle at Magnum Opus in Brighton and is now based at the Taiko Gallery in Berlin. She once said she was drawn to people on the fringes, that she was a goth at heart. This eventually led to her getting a tattoo, and she was bitten by the bug after that.

In her own words: “I worked full-time at the shop for free and bartended at night to pay the bills. I think most people that learned to tattoo in the "old school" apprenticeship way will say the same; being constantly built up and torn down is a roller coaster emotionally, but it serves its purpose. It keeps you humble and willing to learn.”

“As tattooists we often take for granted even the most basic knowledge about our profession. We forget that first-timers know either nothing or just what they have learned from TV about the process of getting a tattoo.”

Tattoo artist Guen Douglas

Tattoo by Guen Douglas, Taiko Gallery, Berlin

Tattoo by Guen Douglas, Taiko Gallery, Berlin

Meet these phenomenal tattoo artists and hundreds more at The London Tattoo Convention this September 28-29-30th. Advance Tickets are now on sale, get yours today!