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Hong Kong City Fringe Festival: Overview

Hong Kong has long been criticized for the lack of an artistic scene – But I can report back that there is a scene it’s alive and kicking.

I’ve just returned from 10 days R&R in Hong Kong, Part of which I spent at the ‘Fringe Club’ ... on Albert Rd. Which hosted its annual cabaret and fringe arts festival called the ‘city festival’ whilst I was in Hong Kong.

The Venue itself is an old factory space from the turn of the last centaury, which in itself is a rarity with many of HK’s older buildings having been torn down and rebuilt as sky scrapers, this modest 3 story building constructed from Red and white bricks sits next to the cities oldest and most respected private members club the Foreign Correspondents Club (FCC) with its members from old Hong Kong. This new space is radically different – it was converted to mix use space in the 80s – and represents HK’s equivalent to the ICA.A space that is part gallery part performance space, part cinema, part restaurant.

The Fringe Club provides a theatre, a studio, several galleries, and rehearsal spaces for local artists.

In the next week or so I plan to elaborate on the highlights of the venues annual ‘fringe cabaret’ festival I saw, and some of the artists I met during the event.

- Poppy Roe & Warren Wills – In Marilyn and Will – A deconstruction of Marilyn Monroe and Ophelia at the same time. – a show with great potential that didn’t fail to disappoint.

- Andreas Kern & Zubin D'souza -Dolce & Chiabatta – a fusion of Schumann’s piano music and 6 courses of amazing bite sized food.

- Rick Lau & Warren Wills - My Queer Valentine, A musical re-interpretation of classic piano tunes with an eye to the queer.

- Fiona Scott Norman – Needle and the Damage Done – a musical romp through possibly the worst music ever cut into vinyl, with highlights from Christian Recording artists to bizarre post hair erotic musical stage shows.