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The Art of Turning Bullshit Into Fertiliser by Marv Radio

[Photo credit: Marv Radio by Robin Jade]

In today’s digital world, mistakes have become a lot more visible and permanent. It’s easy to judge other people’s failures, but what of our own?

In my 31 years I’ve messed up more times than I can count. I’ve hurt others and myself and been through an insane amount of challenging circumstances. I’m finally learning to embrace the ups and downs as they come and go.

I’m currently creating my autobiographical one-man-show Mantra. In looking back at my formative experience, I’ve learned that difficulty has given the richest fuel for my growth, transformation and artistic expression.

I tried to kill myself at 15. I was depressed and isolated after being kicked out of school and wanted an off switch for life. This memory, though dark, spurns me on to make the most of my life, to be grateful for still being here and has given of purpose. If my art encourages one person to carry on, my purpose is complete.

In December 2013 I fell 30 feet from a mountain in Urubamba Peru, fracturing my spine. I had to force myself to my feet and continue walking until I got back to the place I was staying. Nobody else knew where I was. I learned that I am a survivor and a warrior, the importance of humility and the danger of my headstrong ego. I learned to respect my mortality, rather than fearlessly acting like I was unbreakable. I was shown first hand how alternative medicine could help with such a serious injury.

[Photo credit: Marv Radio by Lanre Ajisafe]

Some people would learn enough from this lesson. Not me. 3 years after that fall I fell 25 feet from between 2 buildings I was climbing, shattering my right foot, leading to reconstructive surgery and having to learn to walk again. This was when I first found out that my spine had been fractured 3 years earlier. I was locked out of my flat and impatiently trying to climb up. I’m so grateful for that painful lesson of the importance of slowing down and being more conscious of the risks I would take without thought.

I still love to climb, but now, if I ever feel unsafe or scared, I get to safety. I didn’t have a strong fear reflex before those falls, but now, I listen to my fear.

Putting these memories in my show and adding my own soundtrack, including therapeutic sound frequencies, beatboxing and song has been one of the most genuinely rewarding experiences of my life. Zeroing in on these difficult moments has given me newfound clarity and feed my joy for life. I intend for the audience to share these feelings.

You don’t need to nearly kill yourself to learn from your mistakes. You may have lost a relationship, a job, or your home. You might decide to end a destructive cycle or behaviour pattern, or leave an unsatisfying job. The point is, if you don’t make mistakes, you won’t learn how to make things right. Every experience has its lesson, and I’m grateful that I can turn some of the most difficult moments of my life into meaningful art that could help others. Take comfort in your low moments, knowing that they are providing you with the opportunity to rise up and grow!

[Photo credit: Marv Radio by Lanre Ajisafe]

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