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Patrick Moses: Autocity at The Smallest Gallery in Soho

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Time 06:00
Date 31/08/19
Price Free

Patrick Moses takes over The Smallest Gallery in Soho to present 'Autocity' a piece that aims to encapsulate the flow of patterns and words, rhythms of colour and sound in Patrick's life.

Patrick Moses' 'Autocity' runs at The Smallest Gallery in Soho, all day and all night, from July until the end of August 2019.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho is delighted to present a new installation by ActionSpace artist Patrick Moses. Autocity is a continuous length of fabric dyed with vibrantly coloured inks, poured and pushed into the weave of the material to create abstract patterns. Once dry, the fabric becomes a canvas to take viewers on a journey of how Patrick experiences and interprets the world. Using hand written text, he describes his thoughts and events taken from his day to day experiences of travelling in London and his interests in music, video games, films, cartoons, food and family life.

The work is shown as a continuous piece suggesting there is no specific beginning, end or limits to the influences behind the creation of the work. The relationship of the work to the space of the gallery window presents an interesting dialogue between the expanse of the artwork and how it is hung to fit within the limitations of the gallery space.

About the artwork
The aim of work is to present a continuous flow of patterns and words representing the constant movement, rhythms of colour and sound in Patrick’s life. The work will be hung in the gallery space as a continuous length of fabric, parts being seen others not, making the viewer’s eyes move around the work within the space, finding words that have connections with London, the Soho area, music and food. Each viewer will experience the piece in a very personal way.

Other support from:
Lighting design: Syntax Lighting
Lighting: Architectural FX
Fabric: The Berwick Street Cloth Shop
ActionSpace Artist Facilitator: Lisa Muten

About the artist
Patrick Moses is an ActionSpace studio artist. Patrick’s artwork is based on words, sound and colour. The words and sentences represent his thoughts, feelings and influences and allow Patrick to express and share how he views and interacts with the world. He uses words as aesthetic objects, organising their phonetic and visual shapes to create textural compositions. His work presents a physical side of language often overlooked, treating the curves and corners in letters like brush strokes rather than just tools of communication.

About ActionSpace
ActionSpace is a London-based visual arts organisation that supports artists with learning disabilities and creative innovative projects for people with learning disabilities to engage with the visual arts.