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Oliver Malin: 'Take Away Dreams' at Marathon Kebab House, Camden

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Time 18:30
Date 13/12/17
Price Free

Oliver Malin presents a solo show of work reminiscing and dreaming in an unconventional venue.

Take Away Dreams brings together a host of characters in recurrent, everyday situations, experiencing & displaying a range of emotions, which all come back to forms of dreaming.

Translating the subject onto the traditionally ephemeral ‘canvas’ of a pizza box, something which rarely lasts longer than its contents, the artist comments on the juxtaposition between the short-lived physical elements and the infinite nature of the dream

In another bold shift, the exhibition takes place at the famous Marathon Kebab House, taking the artwork out of the conventional gallery space, which has no connection to the work, into its real-life environment.

“Traditional wisdom would say this works against the seriousness of the work, but I would retort by saying that it adds to the actual experience as the viewer is physically connected to the subject’s environment by living and breathing within it. Also, you can’t order a pizza or kebab from five feet away in a gallery.” Oliver Malin