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Nwando Ebizie: Distorted Constellations at Waltham Forest Community Hub (Asian Centre)

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Time 11:00
Date 22/11/19
Price Free

Inspired by Ebizie’s rare neurological disorder Visual Snow, Distorted Constellations uses sound, projections and holograms to immerse the audience in the imagined landscape of the artist’s brain.

Friday 22 - Sunday 24 November, 11:00 - 21:00.

Ebizie’s neurological disorder causes visual distortions such as flickering dots, auras and glowing lines. The audience will experience a mythical version of how Ebizie sees the world, entering an alternate Afrofuturist (a black perspective on the politics and culture of science fiction and technology) reality, inspired by research into the neuroscience of perception and drawing on rituals of African origin.