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Mushrooms: The art, design and future of fungi at Somerset House

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Time 10:00
Date 31/01/20
Price Free
  • Produced by Somerset House
  • Price Free
  • Bring along some fun guys. Har har... Yeah, yeah, I know. It's an old gag.
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Explore the fascinating world of mushrooms in a new exhibition from curator and writer Francesca Gavin.

Friday 31 January - Sunday 26 April 2020.

Through the work of over 40 artists, designers and musicians, Mushrooms celebrates the rich legacy and incredible potential of the remarkable organism, the ideas it inspires in the poetic, spiritual and psychedelic, and the powerful promise it offers to combat the human devastation of the planet.

Mushrooms brings together work from leading international artists and designers, renowned for their use of the mushroom motif, spanning large-scale sculpture, hand-cut collage, painting, drawing, photography, film and performance. The incredible versatility of mushrooms is also explored in new, conceptual pieces from designers working across architecture, furniture and fashion, including a 3D-printed mycelium chair from Eric Klarenbeek, light shades and stools from Sebastian Cox and Ninela Ivanova, and mushroom based textiles.

Contributing artists include Takashi Murakami, John Cage, Salvatore Arancio, Haroon Mirza, Hannah Collins, Seana Gavin, Adham Faramawy, Annie Ratti, Claudia Comte and Simon Popper.