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Lise Bouissière: Roller Coaster at The Smallest Gallery in Soho

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Time 06:00
Date 18/10/19
Price Free

Inspired by London’s cityscape and the constant cranes overhanging the city like giant insects, Lise presents 'Roller Coaster', a piece made entirely from plastic straws, nature simply cannot digest.

The Smallest Gallery in Soho present a new installation by London based artist Lise Bouissière. Inspired by London's cityscape, the sculpture is made of used straws that Lise has been collecting in London’s bars, clubs, coffee shops and tea houses. These plastic pieces of rubbish are transformed into blooming sculptures.

Added to this architectural inspiration, the composition leads to a wide range of other interpretations. From shape and colour harmonies, the reuse of the material and the evolution the straw is going through today with environmental discussion. As well, the once used piece of plastic by a person leaves their DNA fingerprint behind. The artwork will be modified regularly by Lise during the exhibition, reflecting the mutation that London constantly goes through with its cityscape.

Lise Bouissière is a London based artist and graduate from Central Saint Martins. Her practise focuses on the optimisation of space and the use of material through the specific construction of ideas she plays with to create minimalistic and straight forward compositions. Her constructions reveal a memory, a current state or a hidden side of a place with the elements that surround it. In many cases, the place she constructs her art is transformed like a mental space, offering to the viewer a large panel of interpretations.

Lise has recently exhibited in Rome, Budapest and Treviso.

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