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Art Car Boot Fair: Love at Lewis Cubitt Square

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Time 13:00
Date 23/06/19
Price £12

The Art Car Boot Fair's mid-summer art love-in will bring together over 120 artists at Kings Cross in Lewis Cubitt Square - a beautiful new civic space designed by Laurie Olin.

For those unfamiliar, the Art Car Boot Fair is a curated contemporary art event where the line-up of artists are invited to create artworks especially for the day and to show up in person to sell them at astonishing prices.

In these distempered times the 2019 theme is love - love for the planet, love for each other and, of course, love of art. There will also be mystery prizes, raffles, pass the art parcel, the art of dating and the Secret Midsummer Art Casino! Lots of hand finishing and personalisations directly by the artists, portrait opportunities and many ways to get involved to boot! There will be art for everyone's taste and pocket, plus a host of cool performances, delicious food and sublime drinks!

2019 line-up

Juno Calypso . Geraldine Swayne . Jessica Voorsanger . Polly Morgan . Kristjana S Williams . Marcus Harvey . Bob & Roberta Smith . Mat Collishaw . Pam Hogg . Mr Bingo . Patrick Hughes . Ben Eine . Kate Knight . Carrie Reichardt . Amelia Troubridge . True Rocks . Laura New . Sara Pope . Camille Phoenix . Susie Hamilton . Colin Self . Pure Evil . Andrew Weatherall . James Birch . Charming Baker . Trolley Books & TJ Boulting . Cob Gallery & Help Refugees . Ian Dawson. Turps Painters . Jake Clark . David Batchelor . Dion Kitson . Christian Furr . Rennaissance Selfies . Keira Rathbone Typewriter Artist . L-13 . Sadie Hennessey . Paul Sakoilsky . Wilfred Wood . Tony Beaver . Holly Allan . Ruth Fox . Jess Albarn . James Joyce . Cate Halpin and the Outside World . The Misfortune Teller . Meanmail . Wilma Johnson . Schoony . Art Night with Christine Sun Kim . Phil Colbert . Charlotte Colbert . Ron & Nick Carter . Marty Thornton . Alice Herrick & Rachel Megawhat . Jennifer Binnie . Christine Binnie . Paul Davis . Scarlett Bowman . Natasha Mason BOW WOW WOW .Dion Kitson . Tinsel Edwards & Twinkle Troughton . Atom Gallery . Bridgeman Editions with Nigel Waymouth, Holly Frean and Imogen Forte . Elli Popp . Morel Books . Flying Leaps . Lady Muck . Sean Worrall . Emma Harvey . Quiet British Accent . Julie Maddison . Misha Milovanovich . Jane Howard . Tracey Neuls . Atom Gallery . Richard Clegg. Keeler Tornero . Alteria Art with Neal Fox . Jealous Gallery with Charming Baker & The Miaz Brothers . Moniker Projects . Art on a Postcard with Anita Klein . The Beauty Papers . Bumble & Earwig . Joseph Gibson . Smithson Gallery with Frea Buckler, Charlotte Farmer, Rosie Emerson, Helen Jones, Sarah Duncan, Andrew Millar, Clare Halifax, Ben Slow and Gillian Garnica . Abigail Fallis . Beatrice Brown . Cedric Christie . OOF


COMPETITION: Win a signed, hand finished print by Pure Evil

As part of the Art Car Boot Fair’s Summer of Love edition and in association with Vero-True Social, ACBF are offering you the chance to win this unique hand finished print:

[Pure LOVE Rhino (70x70cm) from celebrated street artist Pure Evil]


What does love look like to you? Post your images of your interpretation of love for a chance to win. This could be an image of something or someone that you love, or something more abstract. We will be posting and sharing our favourites and one lucky entrant will win this fabulous artwork!

How to enter:

Sign up to Vero if you haven’t already and follow Art Car Boot Fair.

Post an image that expresses what love means to you.

Tag @ArtCarBootFair in the image, include #ACBFLOVE in the wording and post!