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How to approach the heart of Lviv?

Life with Lvom is an endless spectacle in which Lew plays a leading role. Your task is to aim to the center of attention of the lion, clap your hands and throw flowers on the scene. In thanks, Lew may once mention you at the end of his speech on Oscar. And if you do not want to clap, it means that you do not know each other, and the lion for you is an empty spect time. The new audience is quickly gathered, and you will lose the opportunity to communicate with the genius.

1. One for everyone, all for one!

You must take care of yourself - this is the general principle by Lew. His wild animal alter ego lives in a herd, where everyone knows that he can afford. Of course, the place of the lion is at the very top, and there is his children, wives, relatives and friends. When he considers you in this group, take care of the world and good atmosphere, and everything will be enough for you.

Useful advice: Lion feels obliged to take care of them, but he does not descend any rumors or intrigues. When the lion does not like something, he immediately explains.

2. Run when he roars

Confidence and pride that every lion has surprises with other signs of the zodiac. Instead of helping himself in internal doubts and show their complexes, Lev simply goes to conquer the world. And the one who gets up on his way undergoes a terrible anger. The lion can be very angry, and he will become a spectacle for surrounding spectators. Half your street will know your sins!

Useful Tip: Do not add oil into the fire. You got it, apologize and run quickly. Lion rage lasts up to an hour, and then subsides. The lion will cool down and takes you home and in the family.

3. Winners write history

When I am looking forward to something, never interrupt it. And that some fact does not agree? It's difficult! The lion always knows better how it was and how it should be. And this version is better to stick. Pride, dignity and honor are important for Leo, and he refuses to afford to think that he will lose them. She remembers useless facts from their memory and repeats their story until they start believing in it.

Useful advice: Have you succeeded? Great, but probably the lion told you how to do it! Do not even compete with him to make scrambled eggs, because your relationship will end soon.

4. Lion Distance and sense of humor

Lero is allowed to laugh at himself, and the other is allowed to laugh at the lion as much as the lion will allow them. Remember the simple truth, and you will avoid many quiet days. The lion loves to play, he is a party party, but he very badly transfers any criticism. He can not take it at all. Laugh at Lvom, and he will never believe you again.

Useful advice: when Lew tells himself that he is a cute garbage, politely laughed. Do not develop a topic with guests, how funny it looked yesterday, when it came across a banana peel. Register and play at slot sites casino for real money or in demo mode on our website!

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