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The perfect gift - a year of frieze and tote bag bundle

Insightful, intelligent and exquisitely designed, a subscription to frieze is the perfect gift for anyone interested in contemporary art and culture. Your recipient will also receive our new, electric blue tote bag.

Frieze profiles emerging artists and highlights new currents in art practice as well as offering a fresh perspective on more established artists.

Choose between starting with our current or next issue. We can also have the first copy gift wrapped, and include a note, just select this option during checkout.

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Job Opportunity: Fundraising and Business Development Manager, LIFT Festival

LIFT is looking to appoint a Fundraising & Business Development Manager - a career-shaping role for an exceptional individual with a track record across the fundraising spectrum to join LIFT at a pivotal moment as they approach their 2020 festival.

Here's what they have to say:

The Fundraising & Business Development Manager will work with LIFT’s Executive Director to innovate and aim high in raising the funds needed to fulfil our mission of presenting resonant, exciting and powerful international theatre and performance to London audiences.

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Led by Donkeys: How four friends with a ladder took on Brexit

The official account - complete with full-colour illustrations - of how four ordinary people managed to expose the government's hypocrisies through a nationwide guerrilla advertising campaign. Seeking to highlight the hypocrisy of our politicians on Brexit four friends armed with nothing more than ladders, roller brushes and a treasure trove of damning statements from our leaders slapped up the politicians' biggest lies on billboards around the country.

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Led by Donkeys: Fund an honest No Deal Brexit ad campaign

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove are about to spend £100 million of public money on advertising for a No Deal Brexit. However, let's face it - can they really be trusted to tell the truth? We think not. Cue Led by Donkeys. These clever folk have launched the campaign that only an honest government would run. Here's what they have to say:

We’ve designed “official” government posters (logo and all) with warnings from Johnson’s own ministers and leaked government documents about the reality of a No Deal Brexit.

We’re not making it up. These are their own words.

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Job: Senior Programme, Sheffield Doc/Fest

Sheffield Doc/Fest is offering the opportunity for a Senior Programmer to join its senior management team. The Senior Programmer is responsible for curating the Festival’s film programme, alongside the Festival Director; for devising and delivering film events; for fundraising activity to support the Films team; for supporting filmmakers and developing audiences during the Festival and year-round.

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Womxn SRSLY Open Call

Womxn SRSLY ​champions unique and challenging performance through platforms and networking support and aims to create a safe space for artists to share their ideas and experiences and now, they're launching an open call for proposals for their next platform at The Yard Theatre on Thursday 3rd October.


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Workshop with Anton Mirto: 'I know, but when you ask me I don’t'

Artist, Anton Mirto is researching her next new work, centred on finding ways for our Soul / Spirit to show up or be activated!

Through simple improvisations, movement, making and play, we will:

- Invigorate sensory awareness and re-connect with our inner self.
- Support each-other’s sense of unity, spontaneity and strength.
- Explore making the invisible, visible.

Anton's workshop is open to everyone from age 9-99! No previous experience necessary.

Workshops will be taking place at:

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Earth Strike - General Strike to Save the Planet 2019

Earth Strike is the grassroots movement demanding immediate climate action from governments and corporations worldwide, and on the 27th September, on the anniversary of Silent Spring - the book that kick-started the environmentalist movement - Earth Strike will begin their General Strike to Save the Planet!

Here's what they have to say:

The world’s leading climate scientists have warned us that we have until 2030 to prevent temperature increases from exceeding 1.5°C. That’s a little over a decade – by environmental standards, the blink of an eye.

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