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A real set of cards in Blackjack


What is a real account and how to get it

So, how does an account affect the chance of winning at 24/7 blackjack? When should you raise the odds? To get information about the probabilities within a single game, we need to refer to the real score. We can get the real score by dividing the value of the current score by the number of decks left in the game.

An example of using the real card count:

  • Here is an example of a blackjack card count. Suppose one deck has already gone out of the game with six decks, and the current card count of the cards that went out is 12. Dividing this value by five (the number of remaining decks), we get the real count: 2.4. How do I count the remaining decks in the game? Do I need to keep count of the cards that came out? Or should we ask the dealer to wait until we count the remaining cards? That's not necessary at all. The easiest way to estimate the number of decks left in play is to estimate the stack of cards played to the dealer's right. We don't need an exact number, just an approximate value.
  • And if you're sitting not too far from the deck where the dealer takes out the cards, you can try to look right into it. The main thing is not to do it too conspicuously. These actions require serious training. You need to learn to at least roughly estimate the number of decks in a random stack of cards. You need to be able to keep an unmistakable current count and quickly determine the real count.
  • Both are first taught to do in a relaxed atmosphere, and then tried in a noisy casino room. Do not spare the time and energy to practice these skills: playing with the wrong account can lead to very unpleasant consequences. If you're unsure of your abilities, keep your head down and play blackjack using a basic gambling strategy.

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