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Serge Gainsbourg: Je t’aime, moi non plus at the Barbican

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Time 20:45
Date 14/02/20
Price £12.6

For Valentine’s Day, an utterly original love story from French musical legend and provocateur Serge Gainsbourg.

In a flyblown, nondescript corner of the USA a garbage truck driver Krassky (Warhol Superstar Joe Dallesandro) pulls up at a remote diner. Behind the counter works the waifish, boyish-looking Johnny (Jane Birkin). The attraction is immediate, but there’s a problem: Krassky is gay and has a horribly volatile boyfriend in tow.

Attacked as immoral and scandalous on first release, Gainsbourg’s film has slowly achieved cult status in the intervening years, but still carries a strong transgressive charge. Neither has time dimmed its beauty: rarely have two people looked so good in tight vest tops as our leads, and their dancefloor kiss – to the infamously racy title song – is genuinely electric.

Look out for cameos from Gérard Depardieu, and Gainsbourg’s beloved dog, Nana.

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