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Thomas Lewton

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Thomas is an independent science journalist and filmmaker based in London. In his work he scratches a lifelong itch trying to figure out how we came to be where we are now— from the Big Bang, to the origin of life on Earth and the emergence of consciousness. Studying physics, he thought telescopes and particle colliders would offer firm answers, but instead they raised more questions. Is a theory of everything even possible? Does the scientific method get anywhere close to truth? And, perhaps critically, how do the practices and institutions of science need to change if we’re going to create a liveable future?

Thomas has written for TIME, the Guardian, New Scientist, Quanta, Scientific American, BBC, Wired, Undark, Thomson Reuters, CNN and Mongabay, among others.  He was the researcher for Seven Elements that Changed the World, shortlisted for the Royal Society Winton Prize for Science Books. And in 2017, Thomas was awarded an Innovation in Development Reporting grant by the European Journalism Centre. He's an editor of Eco-Bot.Net, which reveals the extent and methods of climate disinformation online. Thomas also make documentary films.

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