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Rhyannon Styles

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Rhyannon Styles is a columnist, author and performer.

In June 2017 Rhyannon released her memoir called 'The New Girl - A Trans Girl Tells It Like It Is' which chronicles her journey from male to female. The memoir is distributed worldwide by Headline.

Rhyannon is the UK's first transgender columnist. Beginning in September 2015, her column 'The New Girl' is a regular feature in ELLE online, in the magazine and has been translated to print in China.

'Stand Up Stand Out' is a new beauty campaign launched by The Body Shop, in collaboration with Rhyannon. Rhyannon's makeup tutorials can be seen on The Body Shop social media throughout Summer 2017.

In 2015 Rhyannon was name checked by the Independent's Rainbow List as one of Britains most influential LGBTQI+ people.

Performing since the early 00's, Rhyannon's most recent work 'Dr Carnesky's Incredible Bleeding Woman' was given four stars by the Guardian and competed a sold out run at Soho Theatre, London. Rhyannon has performed around the world, most notable being - The Guggenheim Museum NYC for Armani, Life Ball in Vienna and The Barbican London.

Rhyannon continues to expand minds around transgender issues, promoting awareness using her media platform.

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Which is your number one location - and what's it best for?

A hot bath, because I like to be clean.

'Getting creative', what's it all about?

Waking up everyday and making things happen.

Your Life, Right Now - what's the soundtrack?

PJ Harvey 'The Hope Six Demolition Project'

What is your idea of a jolly good time?

Slurping spicy ramen noodle soup.

What happened the last time you were a complete disgrace?

My face was covered in ramen soup.

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