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Jayson Mansaray

Guest Writer

Personal Brief

Jayson Mansaray is a presenter, reporter and cultural commentator. He has appeared on London Live, BBC London 94.9, BBC World Service and Reuters, covering topics from racism in Moscow to major arts and entertainment events globally (including MTV EMAs, The Oscars and Cannes Film Festival).

Jayson also created and curates online culture magazine A Clodhopper and its quarterly ‘Salon’ events showcasing up-and-coming, subversive and counter-cultural talent across film, performance and the illustrative arts.

Artists on your radar, shout them out!

Music: Serpent With Fee, Frank Ocean, Jacob Banks, Sam Amant, Demo Taoed, Farr, Shaun J Right, Anohni, Kwaye, Foehne and Jerome, Pegasus Warning, Lulu James +++ 


Fashion: Orange Culture, Samson Soboye, Laurence Airline, Vivienne Westwood, A Child of The Jago


Other shit: Victor Ekpuk, Jordan Luca, Aaron James, Legateau Chocolat, Kaws +++

Which is your number one location - and what's it best for?

My bed!


It's best for rest, writing, Netflix and chill...

'Getting creative', what's it all about?

Realising the resources on this planet are limited.


Live and let live.


Activism needs to work within the current construct for long term and realistic change. 

Your Life, Right Now - what's the soundtrack?

1. Anohni - Helplessness


2. Sense 8 - Soundtrack 


3. Hamilton - Soundtrack 

What is your idea of a jolly good time?

A mixture of culture and hedonism and probably not a licensed venue for either. 

What happened the last time you were a complete disgrace?

Probably the last time I was really mean to a someone in my social network, close friend or to a family member. I'm a pretty good drinker!

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