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Camila Fiori


Personal Brief

Hi, welcome to – er – my profile… I’m a – (thought-cloud: ‘hmmm…labels – the pros and cons’… Thought-cloud splits into branches; sprigs of questions shoot, dentrite-to-sky) – a performer who writes... a writer who moves… an actor who makes… a maker who thinks… a thinker who listens… a listener who speaks… a silent word… a spoken hug… a house in a tree… a tree in a clock … a cloud in a bottle… a label at sea… a pirate who gives… a pauper who dances… a liquid poem… a solid gap… a politickler… a womanimal… an adult-ita… a smile… a player… a bee…

From site-specific theatre to interactive installations, poetry to plays, commissions include at the National Theatre’s Watch This Space, Whitechapel Gallery, Southwark Playhouse, Freud Museum and Latitude Festival. You can see some images of previous projects here:

Originally trained in fine art, dance, and later theatre as separate art forms, I then began exploring the interplay between them. So my work takes several forms, often playing with the ‘in-between’… space... or bridge… within/through/over/under/across… boundaries, cultures, ‘audience’/‘performer’, the (un)/(mis)spoken-word. 

I’ve written since I can remember but for the past few years that has taken a more central role in my work, mainly in the form of poetry, spoken word performances and cross-disciplinary installation works. The pieces are often informed by language overlap, by layers of family migration, notions of displacement, identity, womanhood, and by the contexts in which I’ve lived. Growing up between London and Rio in a home where five languages interchanged frequently and a sentence constructed in just one tongue was rare, I speak Portuguese and get by in Spanish and Italian. I’m half Brazilian and have performed and facilitated workshops in the UK and Brazil.

Recent projects include selection for publication in a poetry anthology, In Protest, compiled by the Human Rights Consortium and Keats House and launched at the Bloomsbury Festival this October. I’m chuffed to have been awarded Spread The Word’s prize for ‘poem that engages with the topic most successfully.’ In September I was Artist in Residence at CASA 2013 - the UKs annual Latin American Theatre Festival - during which I devised and performed an initial work-in-progress piece based on the play I’m in the process of writing. I’m just back from the Platforma Conference in Manchester where I co-ran a workshop – Ssshhh… Silence: its role and nature in the context of (dis)placement – as part of a programme of international artists and academics working with refugees or creating work about migration, and in December I’ll be at the Tristan Bates and So and So Arts Women In The Arts Theatre Festival.

For other stage and screen credits as an actress, including at the Royal Opera House, Leicester Square Theatre, and a New Orleans Film Festival Audience Award winning feature you can have a peak here: ...

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about my work or discuss creative shenanigans.

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