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'A cabinet of rarities': the curious collections of Sir Thomas Browne at Royal College of Physicians of London

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Time 09:00
Date 27/07/17
Price Free

Open from 30th January to 27th July, this free exhibition will explore the curious collections of polymath Sir Thomas Browne.

‘A cabinet of rarities': the curious collections of Sir Thomas Browne' will delve into RCP physician, philosopher, collector, and polymath.

Thomas Browne’s curious approach to the world through his writing and his collection. Browne (1605–1682) saw the extraordinary in the ordinary, and introduced over 700 new words to the English language, while inspiring literary greats such as Virginia Woolf and Edgar Allan Poe.

"His collection reveals a fascinating perspective on 17th-century scientific and medical research. His whole house and garden is a paradise and Cabinet of rarities and that of the best collection, amongst Medails, books, Plants, natural things"

John Evelyn, 'The Diary of John Evelyn' (1671)

Originally housed at Browne's home in Norwich, the collection included animal and plant samples as well as books, paintings, and artefacts.

The collection will be partially reconstructed at the RCP using his manuscript letters and notebooks, shedding light on his diverse interests – including science, medicine, literature and even witchcraft trials.

This exhibition is part of a larger project, led by Queen Mary University of London, to edit the entire works of Thomas Browne.

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