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Kerenza Evans

Personal Brief

Kerenza devours words. Not literally (apart from that incident back in '89) but more in the style of a modern-day Matilda. Her favourite books include The Secret History, To Kill a Mockingbird and My Family and Other Animals and The Strand bookstore in Manhattan is her literary catnip.

She has interviewed writers, actors and musicians and written reviews of a number of events including West End musicals, independent theatre, London's burlesque and art scene and political forums. She spent most of 2014 out of the country, camping in Africa, hiking in Japan, swimming through Australia and dancing in Cuba. Now back in London, she is relishing the opportunity to start reviewing London's thriving culture scene once again.

Please contact Kerenza if you'd like your event to be listed and/or reviewed and she will get back to you asap.

Twitter: @kerenzakismet

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