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Peter Bach: 'Sell-Off: The abolition of your NHS' at Colliers Wood Community Centre

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Time 19:15
Date 21/04/15
Price Free

A radical documentary by film-maker Peter Bach about the truth behind the sell-off of our NHS

Sell-Off, a revealing documentary by film-maker Peter Bach, shines a torch on what some doctors see as an alarming lack of public awareness about the abolition of our NHS.

This is a national journey to a theme that has massive implications for the entirety of the UK. It reveals a hidden agenda that is already having disastrous effects on the country and shows how perilously close we are to the US-style healthcare system where one person's health is another's monetary profit.

Though the diagnosis of the film remains bleak, the strength of the characters at the film's disposal should give us surprising hope. You, as a viewer, should be left with an overall admiration for the doctors' outspoken views combined with their heartfelt anger as to what is happening to their and our NHS.

There is no-one in the UK whom the events of this film do not affect. Watch it.


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