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One for All: Trade Unions in the Archive

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Time 15:00
Date 28/01/23
Price £12
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This collection of archive film, curated by Karl Hansen (Assistant Editor, Tribune magazine), explores the rise, decline and rebirth of the trade union movement.

Following decades of decline, Britain’s trade union movement is in a period of rejuvenation. The labour and trade union movement was once a central part of British life, shaping its politics, economy and culture. But after suffering a series of defeats in the 1980s, the movement was marginalised and the organised working class as a political force diminished, with profound and far reaching consequences.

Now, for the first time in years, with workers organising and taking strike action in increasing numbers - and receiving unprecedented public support - it is clear that trade unions are back as a major player in our politics and society. 

Followed by a panel discussion with members of Tribune magazine and invited guests.

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