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Club des Femmes: Use Ur Fingers. Queer Shorts from DIY Punk to Digital

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Time 22:15
Date 28/01/23
Price £13.5
  • Price 10.50-13.50
  • Get ready for experimental joy
  • Bring along queer love
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  • See you at Rio Cinema

Hurry on home to a programme of shorts that puts the digit in digital, with queer connections in all directions: intergenerational, across distance, across media.

Full of DIY spirit, these films create a continuity from 1974 to 2021: an experimental mood that moves bodies to music, reaching across the cut and through the frame to find each other. Use everything, especially ur fingers!

Barrelstout celebrate X Ray Spex with wild, food-dyed film. Jeannette Iljon directs mirror selves whose fingers touch (and more), in Brazil an older dyke with a motorbike meets Insta queers for rage & love. Shu Lea Cheang vox pops & bed hops with Tokyo’s 90s dykes and Sadie Benning redefines both grrrl & film, donning Brando’s jacket. And there’s a special superstar closing film...

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