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London International Mime Festival / Galactik Ensemble: Optraken at The Peacock, Sadler's Wells

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Time 19:30
Date 29/01/20
Price £18

Forget elegant falling & spangly tights, five acrobats pit themselves against a hostile environment. Unstable ground disappears underfoot, walls wobble, ceilings collapse, dangers come from every side

Wednesday 29 January - Saturday 01 February.

Five daredevil acrobats, all graduates of the famous circus school at Rosny sous Bois, try to survive a set that seems to be going out of its way to hurt them. It's is a battle in which every movement matters for survival. Firecrackers explode, sandbags drop from the flies, walls shift and move and nothing stays still for long. It’s spectacular, impressive, unpredictable and enormous fun.

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